2/11/13 - Making the Case

Making the Case:

An Introduction to Case-Based Learning

with Pat Soranno

Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, 11:30-1:30.

Biomedical/Physical Sciences Room 1400.

(Lunch Provided)

About the Session:

Although the use of case studies as a teaching technique has long been used in business, law, and medicine, it has been more rarely used in undergraduate science courses. However, there are many aspects of case studies as a teaching tool that are extremely relevant to the teaching of scientific principles and complex ideas. One definition of case studies is: 'condensed versions of thought-provoking events from the lives of practicing professionals’. In this workshop, you will learn exactly what case studies are, how they can be effectively used in science classrooms, and some resources to get you started down the path of integrating them into your classroom.

About Pat Sorrano:

Pat received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin where she took a seminar course offered by Dr. Jo Handelsman who introduced her to the idea of active learning in the university classroom. This seminar course and the ideas behind active learning pedagogies was one of the major reasons that Pat decided to become a professor. Since then, she has been working on a variety of strategies to implement active learning into her classroom, including problem-based learning, developing novel approaches for student-lead discussions, and the use of case studies. As a Lilly Fellow at MSU, she developed an entire course solely using case studies which she will discuss at this workshop.

Video of the Session

Sorrano Presentation from ANR Communications MSU on Vimeo.

PowerPoint slides for the workshop