October 9 2013

Desire 2 Learn: Tips for Getting the Most Out of the LMS

Patti Stewart, LearnDAT

11:30-1:30, Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1425 Biomedical Physical Sciences Building

(Lunch Provided)

About the Session:

Are you looking for ways to use Angel or D2l as more than just a document repository? Nearly everyone is familiar with the most common uses of an LMS, but what about ways you might use it that could actually enhance teaching and learning? This session highlights some actual cases that exemplify good teaching and are novel or interesting ways to use D2L in online, blended or even in-person classes. We will discuss the strategies and goals behind each case and demonstrate how you can implement the same ideas into your teaching.

About Patti Stewart:

Patti Stewart specializes in various aspects of educational technology and online learning, with specific skills in the areas of faculty development, new media design and implementation, and online course/program design. She is an instructional designer with Learning Design and Technology at Michigan State University and is currently managing a special project that focus on research and faculty training in the use of active learning spaces. In another recent project, she provided consultation and management on the development of a massively open online course (MOOC) designed to provide foundational science knowledge and enhance critical thinking skills. Ms. Stewart is also in the final stage of completing her doctoral degree in Educational Administration at MSU.

Video of the session: Part 1

STEM Oct 9th Part 1 from ANR Communications MSU on Vimeo.

Video of the session: Part 2

STEM OCT 9 PART 2 from ANR Communications MSU on Vimeo.

Video of the session: Part 3

STEM OCT 9 PART 3 from ANR Communications MSU on Vimeo.

Presentation and handouts from session