11/11 - Effective Assessment

How Do You Know Your Students are Learning: Effective Assessment and Evaluation

with Daina Briedis

About the Session:

Heads nodding in agreement don’t always signal good student learning! This session is designed to introduce faculty members to assessment as a tool both to engage students in a productive learning environment and as a feedback mechanism for the instructor. We will examine general classroom assessment and the rationale for such activities, and participants will be equipped with a toolkit of relatively simple, quick methods to use in class. The session will also provide guidelines on writing performance indicators and rubrics to develop consistent, informative methods of assessing student performance.

About Daina Briedis:

Daina Briedis is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. She is active in the Center for Engineering Education Research in the College of Engineering at MSU. Daina has also been a member of the design team for several training workshops for ABET (the accreditation agency for engineering, technology, computing, and applied sciences), where she currently plays a major role as a national and international workshop facilitator. She is the accreditation coordinator for her program. Her research interests include assessment, evaluation, and retention in STEM programs.

Friday November 11, 2011. 11:30-1:30. Engineering 3405.

Materials from this workshop may be found below.