This site is focused on helping new and future (post-docs and graduate students) MSU STEM faculty get a running start for classroom instruction. While any seasoned teacher will note that there are many many paths to becoming an effective and inspiring teacher, there are some essential topics that every instructor must deal with.

Individuals in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) thrust colleges collaborative developed resources for new MSU STEM faculty, starting out in the 2011-2012 academic year with a series of mid-day seminars.

If you have suggestions for topics that you consider essential for new STEM faculty at MSU that they need to know on their first day of class that we are not covering in our workshops, please let us know using the contact form you can bring up with the link in the navigation menu to the left.

Information about previous year's sessions, along with the PowerPoint slides and videos of most of the sessions, are available on the left side of the page.

Fall Semester 2019 Workshops

First Day of Class: Success on Day 1, Success Throughout
Kelly Millenbah, College of Agriculture and Natural Science
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
11:15-1:00 (lunch available at 11:15, program begins at 11:30)
1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building